Smoke from a prescribed burn rolls along pine forest floor. Flames flicker at downed tree.

Prescribed burn


This page is your portal to significant recent and past park planning documents. If you have an questions or comments, please contact us.

Vacation Cabins and Shoreline Management

In accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act, the National Park Service examined the impacts and suitability of private vacation cabins along the shoreline of Lake Roosevelt at Rickey Point and Sherman Creek and has issued a 2011 Vacation Cabin Environmental Assessment (corrections to pg. 42) and a Finding of No Significant Impact.

Look here for more information on the 2011 Vacation Cabin Environmental Assessment or the 2010 Shoreline Management Plan.

For more information please contact: Commercial Services Specialist, 509-754-7800.

Fire Management
Fire Management Plan
2009 Errata FMP

Please visit our Fire Management page for more specific information on Lake Roosevelt fire management and fuel reduction projects.

Livestock Management
Lake Roosevelt NRA Livestock Management Plan & Environmental Assessment

The purpose of the Lake Roosevelt NRA LMPEA is to manage grazing activities that were specifically authorized by federal law in 2001 in a manner that is consistent with the National Park Service mission and policies, and the park purposes. This plan is only relevant to land within Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area.

Concession Management
Concession Management Plan 1997

Concession Management Amendments 2001

The purpose of this Concession Management Plan is to define an appropriate level of concession facilities necessary to provide for visitor use and enjoyment of Lake Roosevelt and the adjacent federally owned lands.

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