A Virtual Tour of Dick Proenneke's Cabin

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Welcome to Twin Lakes and Dick Proenneke's cabin!

On this tour, you can step onto the beach of Upper Twin Lakes and see the spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. You can also enter the cabin to take a look around. Inside, you'll be able to get an up close look at Proenneke's celebrated woodworkmanship and even the desk where he penned his journals, all nestled in a remote corner of Alaska where few ever get to visit.

Use your mouse to move left and right or up and down. There's a control panel at the bottom of the image where you can zoom in and out, enter full-screen mode, and even rotate the image automatically.

When you click on hotspots in the image you'll find more information about Proenneke's interesting and cozy home. Click on the hotspots a second time to disappear the text and image boxes.

a log cabin with sod roof

An exterior view of Dick Proenneke's cabin on Twin Lakes

NPS Photo / Kevyn Jalone

Tour Twin Lakes

This virtual tour gives you an idea of the beautiful landscape around Twin Lakes. Your initial view is from the lake shore, looking at Proenneke's cabin. Click and drag your cursor left or right to spin your view, and keep an eye out for small circle icons that indicate you can switch your view to a new part of the area.

Open the Twin Lakes virtual tour

interior of a log cabin, with bunk bed, stone fireplace, and numerous small objects

An interior view of Proenneke's cabin, showing his writing desk and fireplace.

NPS Photo / Chuck Lindsay & Kevyn Jalone

Inside Proenneke's Cabin

Take a look at the inside of Dick Proenneke's cabin. The perspective is curved to allow you to look up at the ceiling, as well as around the room. Pay particular attention to the incredible craftsmanship - and consider that Dick made just about everything by hand in the middle of the wilderness!

Peek inside Proenneke's cabin


Virtual Tours for iPhone or iPad

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