A Diversity of Wilderness

Trek through mountain ranges, coastal areas, tundra, lakes or foot hills as an exploring student of Lake Clark and check out our curriculum-based lesson plans. Teachers and students can explore the park's resources through lesson plans, downloadable materials or other features below.


brown bear holding a salmon in its mouth

How Many Salmon Are Enough?

This lesson takes real life experiences and scientific data to let students gain an understanding of how wildlife and humans are connected.

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a kayak in a blue lake, looking toward a cloud-capped mountain

How Clear Is the Water?

This fun, hands-on lab lets students be scientists as they test turbidity (water clarity) and make predictions based on their findings.

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brown bear and two cubs walking through a meadow

Carrying Capacity and Bears in Alaska

Students will be looking at the bears of Lake Clark National Park and in the Denali area to see why some reproduce more often and live easier lives.

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two women standing together, one pointing at a waterfall

Teaching with Historic Places

The Teaching With Historic Places program offers a variety of activities that help teachers bring historic places, like Lake Clark into the classroom.

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yellow flower


Check out interactive panoramic photographs taken throughout the park and watch our videocast of spectacular scenery, wildlife, and people.

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