• Centennial Monument

    Kings Mountain

    National Military Park South Carolina


Hill on Battlefield Trail

Hill on Battlefield Trail

Mobility Impaired

All facilities in the park are wheelchair accessible. Restrooms are handicapped accessible. A wheelchair is available at the Visitor Center. Handicapped parking spaces are located in front of the Visitor Center.

Battlefield Trail
Although the trail is paved, it is steep and has severe cross slopes. Persons in wheelchairs should use caution.

Hearing Impaired

"Battle for Kings Mountain" video program is closed-caption upon request.

Museum exhibits have LED monitors.

Visually Impaired

Battle Map display is in Braille.

Museum exhibits have audio descriptions.

Did You Know?

battle diorama showing loyalists in red coats and patriots in frontier wear firing at each other

The battle of Kings Mountain lasted about one hour. Americans lost 28, Loyalists lost 225 and 716 were captured. The dead were buried on the battlefield in unmarked graves, they have never been found.