Keweenaw's Copper Story

From 7,000 years ago to the 1900s people mined Keweenaw copper. Native peoples made copper into tools and trade items. Investors and immigrants arrived in the 1800s in a great mineral rush, developing thriving industries and cosmopolitan communities. Though the mines have since closed, their mark is still visible on the land and people.


2015 Keweenaw NHP Newspaper

2015 Keweenaw NHP Newspaper

Keweenaw National Historical Park annually publishes a park newspaper to assist visitors in planning their trips to the park and our park partners.

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Hanka Homestead

Keweenaw Heritage Sites

Dozens of cultural sites are found along the length of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

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View of Calumet from Union Building.

Multimedia Presentations

Explore the many features of Keweenaw National Historical Park. These short multimedia presentations provide details on park places and stories.

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Information Desk at Calumet Visitor Center

Calumet Visitor Center

Visitors may spend anywhere from a half hour to several hours touring the facility. Operating days and hours change by the season, check here first.

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Guided tour of Calumet Unit.

Find us on Facebook and Twitter

Visitors can find up-to-date park and program information on Twitter and Facebook.

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Project Sisu

Project Sisu Map

Project Sisu occurred during the summer of 2013 and was intended to help area youth find sisu in themselves and the community. This map is a result.

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