Jonathon Livingston Kittiwake?

July 01, 2013 Posted by: Luke Rosier

I remember from previous years out at Exit Glacier that sometime during the summer, some Black-legged Kittiwakes show up and seem very out of place flying around the terminus of exit glacier.  This year I was able to capture the incident.  The Kittiwakes (for there are currently 2 of them) can be seen wheeling around Exit Glacier as well as perched on rocks and trees near the dynamited section of cliffs on the Harding Icefield Trail.  I have no idea what they are doing in the area, or if they are the same individuals that have occurred here in the past.  I can’t help but amusedly wonder if these are “Jonathan Livingston” type gulls, maintaining a cultural hermitage from the coastal birds.

Kittiwake at glacier

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