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  • Instructions for making Brooks Camp Campground Reservation (Jan. 9, 2014)

    The reservation period for the Brooks Camp Campground did open as advertised at 8 AM Alaska Time on January 5. However, some people did find the reservation process confusing. More »

Visitor Centers

Brooks Camp Visitor Center
The Brooks Camp Visitor Center
An NPS Photo by Peter Hamel

Brooks Camp Visitor Center


Open from June 1 to September 17 each year


On Naknek Lake near the mouth of Brooks River, 30 air miles from King Salmon.

Special Programs

All visitors to Brooks Camp are required to attend the Brooks Camp School of Bear Etiquette offered at the Visitor Center. This 20 minute orientation provides visitors with basic information to help keep themselves safe and bears out of trouble. A variety of interpretive programs are available at Brooks Camp throughout the summer. Evening programs are presented nightly by Park staff. Each afternoon, a Ranger-led cultural walk takes visitors to a re-created archeological site from the Visitor Center. Each day Rangers also join Brooks Lodge staff to offer a guided bus tour to the Valley of 10,000 Smokes. Reservations for the bus tour must be made in advance at Brooks Lodge. Other special ranger guided hikes and activities occur on an unscheduled basis throughout the season. Check at the Brooks Camp Visitor Center for the current schedule.


Books, cards, posters, and videos are just some of the items available at the Alaska Geographic Association Bookstore.

Available Facilities

Backcountry Planners and bear resistant food canisters (no charge) are also available for those challenging Katmai's trackless backcountry.

King Salmon Visitor Center


Open All Year 8 am to 5 pm




Next to the airport terminal in King Salmon

Special Programs

The King Salmon Visitor Center is an interagency facility. Partners include the National Park Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Bristol Bay Borough, and Lake & Peninsula Borough.


The visitor center has exhibits of the local area as well as interpreters who will provide information on the entire Katmai region. The Visitor Center serves as an outlet for books, postcards, and other interpretive material offered through the Alaska Geographic Association.

Wilderness Information Centers

Three Forks Visitor Contact Station


Open from June 7 to September 17 each year


Located 23 miles from Brooks Camp on the only road within Katmai National Park & Preserve. The Three Forks Station overlooks the famous Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes and is the starting point of the Ukak Falls Trail. The building is open from approximately 12-3 pm each day during the regularly scheduled bus tour to the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes.

Did You Know?

Sockeye Salmon below Margot Creek Falls

Salmon, especially sockeye salmon, drive Katmai's ecosystem. Almost every living thing here is connected to the salmon including mammals, fish, insects, birds, and vegetation. Salmon are the keystone species of this ecosystem.