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    National Historical Park Hawai'i

Laws & Policies

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Laws Pertaining to Kalaupapa

Public Law 94-518, Title IV -- October 17, 1976 (established the Kalaupapa National Historical Park Advisory Commission); view as a .pdf file.

Public Law 96-565 -- December 22, 1980 (established the park) and Public Law 100-202 -- December 22, 1987 (allowed park to lease lands from Hawaiian Homes Commission); view as a .pdf file.

Hawaii Revised Statutes 326 -- Hansen's Disease and Kalaupapa Settlement; view as a .pdf file.

The National Historic Sites Act of 1935

The 1935 National Historic Sites Act authorized a program for identifying and marking National Historic Landmarks. Kalaupapa Leprosy Settlement National Historic Landmark was designated in 1976. View the National Historic Landmark application as a pdf file.

National Registry of Natural Landmarks

The Secretary of the Interior established the Natural Natural Landmarks Program in 1962 to identify and encourage the preservation of ecological and geological features that are nationally significant examples of the Nation's natural heritage. The North Share Cliffs of Molokai was listed as a NNL in 1972. View the North Shore Cliffs Landmark description as a pdf file.

National Park Policy

Broad National Parks policies are relevant to the park. View NPS Policies as pdf files.

Did You Know?

Brother Dutton with Patients

Brother Joseph Dutton went to Molokai in 1886 to assist Father Damien and worked among the patients for 44 years. He kept the world posted on Kalaupapa, so his address book contained over 4000 names and bags of mail delivered to him sometimes weighed as much as 50 pounds.