Plan A Field Trip

Joshua Tree National Park provides the perfect outdoor setting to enhance classroom-based learning. You can visit on your own or have a ranger join you for an outdoor education program. All ranger-led education programs are curriculum-based (California State Education Standards) and free of charge.

Self-Guided Field Trip

Academic fee waivers are available for groups that elect to make a self-guided visit.

Ranger-led Field Trip

Follow the steps outlined below to schedule a ranger-led field trip.

Select a Program

Joshua Tree National Park rangers offer in-park programs. Program lengths vary. Programs must be scheduled one month prior to date presented. Programs dates are on a first come, first served basis. Once a program date is confirmed, it cannot be changed.

Earth's Bare Bones: Desert Landforms (1st &2nd Grade)
This program explores the different types of landforms found in deserts and helps students understand how rocks are formed and the makeup of minerals in rocks. [Standards]

Barker Dam: Survival in an Arid Land (3rd Grade)
Students explore how Desert Indians and early settlers survived in the desert. [Standards]

GeoKids: The Rocks of Joshua Tree National Park (4th Grade)
This program allows students to discover how the rocks of Joshua Tree were formed and how they erode. [Standards]

Keys to the Past (4th Grade)
Explores how successful homesteaders survived in the desert. Limited to one class per program per day. [Standards]

Desert Water: A Secret Under the Sun (5th Grade)
Introduces students to the arid landscape of the Mojave and Colorado deserts through hands-on measurement of the air and soil. [Standards]

Rocks and Faults (6th Grade)
This program allows students to discover the geologic processes that shape the landscape of Joshua Tree National Park. [Standards]

Keys to the Past (6th Grade)
Explore how successful homesteaders survived in the desert. Limited to one class per program per day. [Standards]

Tortoise, Tortoise (Middle School/Junior High)
Students study the threatened desert tortoise through scientific study practices using tortoise replicas. [Standards]

Discovering the Ancients: Science in Action (High School)
Helps students determine how plants' ages are determined while they discover how ancient they are. [Standards]

Submit a Reservation Request Form
Download, completely fill out, and return via email or standard mail.

Things to keep in mind while filling out this form:

- Fill out a separate form for each day you plan to bring your school to the park.
- Select only one program topic per day

- Programs generally last 1-1.5 hours, not including driving or lunch time. Expect field trip length to be 3-4 hours.

In-Park Program Reservation Request Form

Receive Confirmation
Once we receive your request form, we'll add you to our calendar and send you a confirmation email that includes pre- and post- visit activities and important information about your field trip. You can also find lesson plan and activity materials here: Curriculum Materials.

Prepare Your Class
Our rangers are committed to giving your class a fun, engaging experience and we also need a commitment from YOU, our school partners, for success:

1) Please prepare students with pre-visit materials provided (if applicable);
2) Review checklist provided in confirmation email;
3) Your assistance throughout the program in maintaining the attention, focus, and good behavior of your students;

4) Follow up with post-visit activities (if applicable).

With your assistance we're certain your field trip will be a memorable and educational event for all of your students!

Did You Know?