• Dining Room

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    National Historic Site Massachusetts


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Learn more about the unique places John F. Kennedy called home during his boyhood in the Cultural Landscape Report. Completed in 2013, this new report details the history of the greater Brookline area landscapes with a special focus on 83 Beal Street, the president's birthplace. Brookline's function as a streetcar suburb is described in detail, as well as new research on the home's transition from private residence to National Historic Site. Highlights of the report include detailed neighborhood maps showing changes in street design and structures over time as well many never before seen photographs of 83 Beals Street from 1914 to the present day. Click here to download a pdf of the report.

Did You Know?

John Fitzgerald Kennedy as a young boy.

According to his mother, Jack Kennedy was the “problem child”, forgetful and “invariably late” for meals. Sloppy at home & lazy at school, Jack overcame his problems with spelling & grammar to win the 1957 Pulitzer Prize with his “Profiles in Courage” and the presidential election 3 years later.