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    John Day Fossil Beds

    National Monument Oregon

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  • Hwy. 26 open between Prineville and Mitchell, OR - Updated Tuesday, July 22, 2014

    US26 mile posts 34.8 To 53 affected, estimated delay of 20 minutes - 2 hrs. Traffic is being piloted through area. Use caution and expect delays. Air quality in the area is poor. Click the More link for fire and road info for all three units of the park More »


Image of a dog off-leash in the park.

Shouldn't this dog be on a leash?

Pets are allowed in the national monument but they must be kept under physical restraint (such as a leash) at all times. Pets are allowed in developed areas (such as picnic areas, overlooks, etc.) and along hiking trails.

Pets are not allowed inside government buildings.

Horses are prohibited on monument trails and within picnic areas. Backcountry horse use is permitted, but horses (and people) must stay off of any bare rock exposures.

In the summer months temperatures can exceed 110 degrees. Please make sure your animals are kept cool and have plenty of water.

Did You Know?

Image of an artistic rendition of a brontothere,

Brontotheres, large relatives of horses and rhinoceros, once lived on the North American continent.