Our Staff & Offices

Park Phone System Update:
The phone system at Jimmy Carter National Historic Site is currently down. The park has forwarded the following numbers to cell phones.

Park Main Line: (229) 824-4104
Park Superintendent and Administrative Offices: (229) 824-4576
Educational Specialist (school field trips): (229) 824-5843

Park Management and Administration
Encompasses activities related to park-wide administrative, managerial, and support functions, as well as safety and planning. In addition, this area is responsible for working with external constituencies in order to develop valuable park partnerships. Altogether, the Management and Administration staff provides a host of essential services to enable park employees to focus on accomplishing core mission operations and their functional duties.

Barbara Judy
(229) 824-4576 ex. 23

Chief of Administration
Karen Barry
(229) 824-4576 ex. 22

Administrative Support Assistant
Tina Grant
(229) 824-4576 ex. 20

Interpretation and Education
The Division of Interpretation and Education conducts a variety of interpretive programs and outreach to encourage the development of a deeper understanding of American history and to broaden public support for preserving park resources. Interpretive rangers present the story of a young Jimmy Carter growing up in a rural southern town to visitors through formal interpretation at the park with talks, demonstrations, special events, and with informal interpretation.

Chief of Interpretation
(229) 824-4104 ex. 42

Administrative Assistant
Nancy Petron
(229) 824-4576 ex. 21

Park Ranger
Gabriel "Gabe" Laster
(229) 824-4104 ex. 41

Park Ranger
Kevin Alexander
(229) 824-4104 ex. 39

Park Guide
Patricia "Patty" Kuehn
(229) 824-4104 ex. 40

Park Guide
Randall "Randy" Dillard
(229) 824-4104 ex.46

Park Guide
Brandi Kitchens
(229) 824-4104 ex. 44

Education Program
The Education Program for the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site is operated through a partnership between the National Park Service, the Georgia Department of Education and Sumter County (GA) Schools. Through the Education Program, teachers may find a variety of resources that include classroom activities, workshop information, guidance on scheduling field trips, workshop opportunities, and much, much more.

Educational Specialist
Annette Wise
(229) 824- 5843
Education Program Website

Facility Management
The Maintenance functional area encompasses all activities designed to improve or prolong the life of the park's assets. The preservation of these resources allows for visitors to safely enjoy their activities at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site.

Gardener Supervisor
Lancy "Shane" Fripp
(229) 824-4104

Tractor Operator
Jeff Campbell
(229) 824-4104

Ian Pierson
(229) 824-4104

Henry Smith
(229) 824-4104

Seasonal Laborer
Allen Gleeson
(229) 824-4104

Facilities Intern
Josh Roberts
(229) 824-4104

Resource Management
The Cultural Resource staff protect legacy of Jimmy Carter through care of museum collections, oral history materials and through resource management monitoring. Cultural resource management at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site encompasses activities related to the management, preservation, and protection of a variety of natural communities and processes, cultural landscapes, museum artifacts, and archaeological sites.

Museum Curator
(229) 824-4104 ex. 26

Museum Tech
Kayleigh Goodwin
(229) 824-4104 ex. 26

Archives Tech
Sara Berry
(229) 824-4104 ex. 26

The staff of the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site invites you to visit and explore the hometown of the 39th President of the United States to experience the influences that inspired a young man from a small, rural, south Georgia town to become President.

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