Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the population of Plains, Georgia?
    634 citizens

  • Does Jimmy Carter really live in Plains?
    Yes, he and his wife spend about 75%of their time at home in Plains. They continue to travel and make frequent trips to The Carter Center in Atlanta where they stay in an apartment while doing business there.

  • What are the main agricultural crops being produced around Plains?
    Peanuts, cotton, corn, soybeans

  • How many children do the Carters have?
    Four - (listed from the oldest to the youngest) Jack, Chip, Jeff, and Amy

  • Does Jimmy Carter have Secret Service protection?
    Yes. He and Mrs. Carter have lifetime protection. Their children no longer have Secret Service protection.

  • How may I find out when Jimmy Carter is teaching Sunday School?
    His Sunday School schedule is listed on the following websites.

    Or, you may find out his Sunday School teaching schedule by calling the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site at 229-824-4104.

  • How old are the Carters?
    Jimmy Carter's birthday - October 1, 1924
    Rosalynn Carter's birthday - August 18, 1927

  • Will President or Mrs. Carter autograph books or photos if I visit and attend Sunday School?
    President and Mrs. Carter will not autograph books or photos in person. This is done through the Carter Center in Atlanta. The item must be mailed to the Carter Center and you must allow 8 to 12 weeks for it to be returned.

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