Image of a smiling girl putting trash in a bag held by a woman at a National Public Lands Day project

Who knew that pullling weeds could be so much fun? It can be at a Jean Lafitte volunteer project day!

Volunteer project: National Public Lands Day is scheduled for Saturday, September 26, 9:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Join the team at the Barataria Preserve or at Chalmette Battlefield/Chalmette National Cemetery to take care of the treasures on YOUR public lands. Lots of fun and lots gets done: in 2014 at Chalmette National Cemetery, 66 volunteers cleaned the headstones of a whole cemetery section from curb to wall and collected about 10 garbage sacks of weeds!


NOTE TO PROSPECTIVE VOLUNTEERS: Although at the bottom of the page it may state that there are currently no volunteer opportunities, that just means that no opportunities are currently listed with the volunteers.gov system. If you're interested in being a volunteer, there's ALWAYS a place for you at Jean Lafitte!

No matter what your skills or interests, there's probably a place for you in the VIP (Volunteer In Parks) program at Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve. Current Jean Lafitte VIP projects include

  • Helping with programs for children and adults
  • Music and craft demonstrations
  • Teaching Cajun dancing
  • Working behind the scenes or as a living history reenactor during the annual Battle of New Orleans commemoration
  • Carpentry and landscaping projects
  • Working with the park library and museum collections
  • Trail maintenance
  • Assisting with visitor center operations
  • Taking pictures or video of park programs and events

For more information, call the site where you would like to work (see the plan your visit page for site information) or email the park. Your volunteer job may require training, which will be provided by the park, and uniforms may be provided for long-term volunteers.

To find out what's new with Jean Lafitte's crew, keep in touch via park social media.

Project days which require little training and a minimum time commitment are regularly scheduled at some Jean Lafitte sites. Volunteers might help staff a park booth at a festival, dig out invasive plants, or take photographs during an event. Group projects can also be arranged (for group project inspiration, read about the summer 2012 volunteer projects by members of the 2012 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Youth Gathering here).

Jean Lafitte volunteers make a difference every day: in 2013, over 1,900 volunteers donated nearly 19,000 hours of work (and had lots of fun doing it!).

Equal Opportunity Policy: Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Park and Preserve is committed to a strong nondiscrimination policy respecting its employees and volunteers. Its policy is to provide equal opportunities for all and to eliminate discrimination based on sex (including sexual harassment and sexual orientation), race, color, national origin, religion, age, and disability.

Image of man with insect capture net and students identifying insect

Volunteers at BioBlitz 2013 in May helped students explore their world and contribute to scientific knowledge by identifying Barataria Preserve insects.


Current Volunteer Opportunities

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