MEMS / CFP Plans

This Modified Environmental Management System (MEMS) / Climate Friendly Parks (CFP) Plan 2013 was developed by Jewel Cave National Monument's "Green Team", whose role is to guide sustainability projects, encourage green practices, and educate the staff and public. The Green Team sets annual sustainability goals and reports progress to park management.


Laws and Policies

Superintendent's Compendium - August 2015 (379KB.pdf) - Specific regulations of Jewel Cave National Monument established under the discretionary authority of the Park Superintendent.

Below are some of the documents used to plan for the future of the monument:

Museum Documents

Scope of Collections Statement (2011)

Cave and Karst Management Plan (2007)

Cave and Karst Management Plan and EA PDF 1.96 MB

Cave and Karst Management Plan Appendices PDF 442 KB

Finding of No Significant Impact PDF 781 KB

Finding of No Significant Impact Appendix (Includes Errata) PDF 88 KB

Historic Resources Study (2006)

Entire document PDF 5MB

Cultural Landscape Report (2005) -

The Cultural Landscape Report contains both a brief history of Jewel Cave National Monument from pre-Euro-American times to the present. It also details the geographic landscape of the Monument and management issues. It goes on to list several options for management in the future and the environmental impacts of these options.

Cover and Contents PDF 476 KB

Part I Chapters 1-4 PDF 14 MB

Part II Chapters 5 - 10 PDF 7.04 MB

Bibliography, Preparers, Appendix PDF 241 KB

Strategic Plans

Oct. 2000 - Sept. 2005 Word Doc 468 KB


National Park Service Plans

NPS Climate Change Action Plan – December 2012 (4.8 MB.pdf) – The NPS Climate Change Action Plan provides guidance to site managers and staff to meet the challenges of a changing climate today and into the future. It articulates a set of high-priority actions the NPS is currently undertaking, or is committed to undertake, in the next few years. It also acknowledges how changing social and environmental conditions will cause the agency to consider new approaches for managing and protecting the nation’s natural and cultural heritage. Most importantly, it encourages participation, innovation, and full engagement at all levels of the National Park Service.

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