Glasshouse Catalog

You may purchase glass items produced in our glasshouse through on-site sales, regular mail, phone and e-mail. Hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily, except Christmas Day and New Years Day when Historic Jamestowne is closed. To place an order or make inquires contact: Jamestown Glasshouse, 1368 Colonial Parkway, Jamestown, Virginia 23081, Phone: (757) 229-2437, FAX: (757) 229-4273 or e-mail:

For a more complete catalog of glassware for purchase you can access the Eastern National website store and order on-line there.

School groups can pre-order Jamestown Glass Paper Weights. There are five designs: 400th Anniversary, Dated, Ship, Glassblower, and Pocahontas (see images below). Paper Weights measure approximately 3½ to 4 inches in diameter. They range in price from $5.95 to $2.50. You can pre-order your paperweights by calling (757) 229-2437 or use this link for the Glasshouse Paper Weight Order Form. Just print the form and fax or mail it in. The form must be received at least two weeks prior to your visit.

Circular glass paper weight with text: Jamestown VA 1608-2007

Dated Paper Weight

Dated Paper Weight - with text: Jamestown VA 1608-2007 - Approximate 3.5 inch diameter $2.95
Circular paper weight with image of glassblower and text: Jamestown 1608-2007

Glassblower Paper Weight

Glassblower Paper Weight - Image of glassblower with text: Jamestown 1608-2007 - Approximate 3.5 inch diameter $2.95
Circular green glass paper weight with the image of a sailing ship and the text: DISCOVER JAMESTOWN

Ship Paper Weight

Ship Paper Weight - Image of a sailing ship with the text: DISCOVER JAMESTOWN - Approximate 3.5 inch diameter $2.95
Replica of a green glass 1680's-1700 wine bottle from Jamestown

Armorial Wine Bottle

Armorial Wine Bottle, short nexk with arm seal, c.1700, standing 7" - Replica of a 1680's-1700 wine bottle. Some Jamestown wine bottles have been found with seals attached as in our example to the left. Wine bottle seals might show a family crest or contain an individuals initials much like a monogram. $29.95
Green colored Wine Glass, C.1670

Wine Glass c.1670

Wine Glass, ribbed conical glass, c.1670, standing 5" $24.95
Four lipped green glass vase

Four-lipped Vase

Six lipped vase, standing 6" - $12.95
Green glass dish candleholder

Colonial Candleholder

Colonial candleholder, small dish condlestick, standing 3" $15.95
Green glass pitcher


Pitcher with a heart shaped spout, standing 6" $14.95
Green glass Creamer

Green Glass Creamer

Creamer, tear drop shaped pitcher with reversed handle - $9.95

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