Jamestown, A Place of many Beginnings

Walk in the steps of Captain John Smith and Pocahontas where a successful English colonization of North America began.  Despite early struggles to survive, the 1607 settlement evolved into a prosperous colony.  As the colony expanded, the Virginia Indians were pushed out of their homeland.  In 1619, the arrival of Africans was recorded, marking the origin of slavery in English North America.


Structure foundations

New Towne

In the 1620's, William Claiborne surveyed the area east of the old 1607 fort. New settlers moved here, creating the city of Jamestown.

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Map of the 3 and 5 mile Jamestown Island Drive

Island Drive

This road loops through forest and swamps with signs interpreting how Europeans, Virginia Indians and Africans used the island's natural resources.

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Artisian working glass at Jamestown's Glasshouse

The Glasshouse

Watch modern artisans produce various glass objects just at glassblowers must have done in 1608.

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Did You Know?