• Structure 17, Glassblowing and Island Drive

    Historic Jamestowne

    Part of Colonial National Historical Park Virginia

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This conjectural sketch by artist Sydney King brings the bustling 17th-century port city of Jamestown to life.
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The Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery were the settlers’ only link with home. In his Observations, George Percy was relieved to report “our shippes do lie so neere the shoare that they are moored to the Trees in six fathom [i.e. 36 feet] [of] water”. By mid-century, Jamestown would become a bustling port city; one observer counted 30 ships docked there in 1648.


Did You Know?

Painting by Sidney King representing settlers searching for medicinal plants

The botanical sassafras was at one time worth its weight in gold as a medicinal plant. It was an early Jamestown export. In modern times it has been used to flavor root beer.