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For Kids

Screen shot of portrait activity on the mobile app showing a boy wearing an 18th century shirt and a mustache.

Put yourself in the picture with the Junior Ranger program for iPhone and iPad.

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Junior Ranger Programs

The park offers a number of Junior Ranger programs. Check out the new Junior Ranger program for iPhone or iPad, or complete the activities in our Junior Ranger booklets. Try one program, or try them all! Earn Junior Ranger certificates and badges.

Man in colonial costume leads kids holding wooden muskets.

The Continental Army is looking for a few good kids.

Courtesy of Historic Philadelphia, Inc.

Park Fun

Enlist in the Continental Army, go a treasure hunt, and explore the park with our family-friendly programs. It's fun for kids of all ages!

Trading card featuring a bald eagle against the stars and stripes of the U.S. flag.

Ask park rangers inside buildings if you can earn a trading card.  Earn one card, or a whole bunch.

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Trading Cards

Come face to face with history! Collect park trading cards and you'll learn the stories behind the Faces of Independence, the Heroes of the Underground Railroad, and the struggle from Civil War to Civil Rights. Be ready to earn the cards by asking good questions or answering questions.

Did You Know?

Painting of George Washington

In the summer of 1793 “ten thousand people in the streets of Philadelphia … threatened to drag Washington out of his house, and effect a Revolution in Government” but an outbreak of yellow fever dispersed the mob and saved the national government. (J Adams to T Jefferson, June 30, 1813)