• View of Southern Wisconsin from the Ice Age NST

    Ice Age

    National Scenic Trail Wisconsin


Map of Wisconsin showing location of Ice Age Trail with official logo.

The Ice Age National Scenic Trail stretches nearly 1,200 miles across Wisconsin. Its western end is located in Interstate State Park on the St. Croix River in Polk County. The eastern end is located in Potawatomi State Park on Green Bay in Door County.


Commercial airports are located in major cities and regional communities throughout the state at varying distances from the Ice Age National Scenic Trail.


Numerous trailheads with parking are located throughout the state.

Public Transportation

Selected points on or near the Ice Age National Scenic Trail are accessible by public transportation. These are typically located in and around metropolitan areas.

Did You Know?

The Ice Age Park and Trail Foundation logo featuring Monty the Mammoth.

The non-profit partner for the Ice Age Trail, the Ice Age Trail Alliance, was founded in 1958. The trail was designated as a National Scenic Trail by Congress in 1980 and a State Scenic Trail by the Wisconsin legislature in 1987.