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Norman Reigle

Reigle, Norman
Interviewed December 13, 1985, November 24, 1989 and December 22, 1989.

Norman Reigle was the first superintendent of Harry S Truman National Historic Site. The interviews describe early development of the Truman Home and park headquarters, local organization involvement and park operations.

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Reynolds, Dwain W.
Interviewed December 13, 1985

Dwain Reynolds repaired the Truman home first as a child with his father and then later as an adult. Reynolds discusses minor changes to the home over the years, including the roof materials, interior door locks, and windows.

Interview (pdf - 71.8KB)

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Richter, Thomas
Interviewed November 15, 1985 and August 27, 1990

Thomas P. Richter served as the ranger in charge when the Truman home was transferred to the National Park Service and was the site's first chief ranger. He remained at the site until October 1987.

Interview 11-15-1985 (pdf - 147KB)
Interview 8-27-1990 (pdf - 344KB)

tiny truman home

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Romine, Roy and Carol
Interviewed September 11, 1997

Roy Romine was a cousin of Harry Truman. His grandmother, Emily Truman, was the sister of Harry's father, John Anderson Truman. Mr. Romine discusses relationships between the Colgan-Truman family members.

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