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Liz Safly

Liz Safly

Safly, Elizabeth "Liz"
Interviewed August 15-16, 1990

Elizabeth Safly began working at the Harry S. Truman Library in 1962. In her position as research room librarian, she witnessed the development of the Truman Library and Museum. In this interview she discusses the Truman Library and focuses particularly on the inventory of the Truman home that she helped compile in 1981-1982.

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Sapper, Carl
Interviewed July 19, 2003

Carl Sapper's uncle was an auto dealer and good friend of Harry Truman who furnished cars to the Secret Service. He lived in the Truman Home neighborhood post-presidency and discusses security in the neighborhood.

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Elizabeth Sapper

Sapper, Elizabeth
Interviewed July 22, 1991

Elizabeth Sapper grew up on North Delaware Street in Independence as a contemporary of Margaret Truman. Sapper relates several stories about plays and other activities which filled the days of Truman neighborhood children.

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Saulter 281

Thomas Saulter

Saulter, Thomas
Interviewed December 12, 1985

Thomas B. Saulter owned T.B. Saulter Tree Service and was hired by the Trumans to remove over ten trees after their return to Independence in the 1950s. Saulter also painted stumps, sprayed for weeds, and cleaned the gutter. Saulter discusses his first meetings with Harry S Truman, judge, in downtown Kansas City during the 1930s.

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Schlichenmaier, Frances Myers
Interviewed August 28, 1989

Frances M. Schlichenmaier was hired by Rose Conway in 1951 to serve as an assistant in President Truman's White House office. Schlichenmaier worked for Truman until shortly after his death in 1972. She describes the development of Truman's downtown Kansas City office and then the transfer of records to the Truman Library in Independence, Missouri.

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Walt Schneider

Schneider, Walt
Interviewed July 11, 2003

Walt Schneider became a member of the Grandview Lodge in 1958. He discusses his association with Harry Truman, who was also a member and routinely installed officers there during the post-presidential years.

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Sermon, Roger T. Jr.
Interviewed August 30, 1991

Roger Sermon, Jr. co-owner of Sermon-Anderson, Inc., provided window treatments for the Truman Home. In the first half of this hour-long interview, Sermon walks through the Truman Home's first and second floors while discussing curtains, draperies, and shades.

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Robert Shemwell

Shemwell, Robert R.
Interviewed August 3, 1991

Robert R. Shemwell, podiatrist, served the Trumans from 1954 until Harry S Truman's death in 1972 and Bess W. Truman's death in 1982.

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Velma Simmons

Simmons, Velma James
Interviewed November 3, 1985

Velma James Simmons was a nurse and companion for Bess W. Truman for sixteen months. Simmons discusses the meals she prepared for Mrs. Truman, the other nurses employed in the Truman Home, and visits by Margaret and Clifton Daniel.

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Stewart, Larry
Interviewed August 29, 1989

Larry Stewart, member of the Secret Service's Truman detail, describes the procedures and persons utilized to protect the Trumans. The majority of Stewart's information explains the period from 1977-1981 when he served Bess W. Truman.

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Sol Stolowy

Stolowy, Sol
Interviewed August 1, 1991

Sol Stolowy a Kansas City tailor, made several suits for Harry S Truman from the time Truman was president until his death. Truman was buried in a summer suit made by Stolowy shortly before Truman's death.

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Stone, James and Clare
Interviewed July 18, 1991

When James and Clare Stone were in the market to rent a house in 1962, they chose one with a unique characteristic. It was owned by former president and Mrs. Harry S Truman, and situated two doors east of their Independence home. For five years the Stones rented the house that was built for Bess's brother Frank and his wife Natalie.

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Martha Ann Swoyer

Swoyer, Martha Ann
Interviewed July 9, 1991 and November 29, 1995

Martha Ann Swoyer, daughter of J. Vivian and Luella Truman and niece of Harry S Truman, was raised on the family farm in Grandview, Missouri. Swoyer discusses the many relationships within the Truman family spanning four generations.

Interview 7-9-1991 (pdf - 241KB)
Interview 11-29-1995 Not Transcribed

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Symington, James W.
Interviewed March 18, 1992

From 1969 to 1976, James W. Symington (born September 28, 1927) served four terms in the U.S. House of Representatives from the state of Missouri. As a candidate in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate from Missouri, Symington visited Bess W. Truman twice in her home in Independence, Missouri, in 1975. Mrs. Truman agreed to serve as honorary chairperson of his campaign.

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