FREE LAND was the cry!

With the promise of Free Land, the Homestead Act of 1862 enticed millions to cultivate the frontier. Families, immigrants, women, and freed slaves flooded 10 percent of the nation’s land to chase their American Dream. American Indian cultures and natural environments gave way to diverse settlement, agricultural success, and industrial advancement—building our nation and changing the land forever.

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A cabin on a prairie

National Parks in Quilts

Homestead National Monument of America will be displaying 13 art quilts, created to celebrate the centennial of the National Park Service.

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Kids jumping by a tree above the Every Kid In A Park Title.

Every Kid In A Park

Fourth graders can earn a free pass to visit public lands with their families! Complete a fun activity to get your pass and start exploring.

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Nebraska Quarter Featuring Homestead

The Homestead Quarter is Here!

Nebraska’s America the Beautiful Quarter has been released by the U.S. Mint – featuring Homestead! Look for the quarter and be part of the change.

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Solar Eclipse at Homestead National Monument of America August 21, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse at Homestead National Monument

Solar Eclipse at Homestead National Monument of America August 21, 2017

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WEB RANGER National Park Service

Homestead WebRanger Activities

Hey Kids! Try out Homestead's online games and activities. Take the challenge and earn your Homestead WebRanger certificate!

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Homestead Land Records Project

Land Records Project

Homestead,, FamilySearch, & the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have partnered in an effort to digitize all Homestead Land Entry Case Files.

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Bring Your Bus Tour to Homestead!

Make Homestead a Stop on Your Bus Tour

If your bus tour is traveling through southeast Nebraska or the Beatrice area make this historic National Park site one of your destinations!

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America's Invitation to the World

America’s Invitation to the World

Was the Homestead Act more than just a land law? Read Historian Blake Bell’s research on immigration and the Homestead Act.

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Learn at Homestead

Educational Opportunities at Homestead

Homestead strives to provide high quality curriculum-based educational material for all grade levels, both on site & through distance learning.

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