• Hopewell Furnace Village

    Hopewell Furnace

    National Historic Site Pennsylvania


Southeastern Pennsylvania's climate is temperate. Summers are generally humid, with temperatures in July averaging 83 degrees (F) for a high and 60 degrees for a low. Occasional high temperatures reach the mid-90s with showers and thunderstorms commonly occurring during spring and summer months.

Winters can be cold, with temperatures in January averaging 38 degrees (F) for a high and 20 degrees for a low. Temperatures occasionally reach as low as the single digits.

Precipitation averages from 3 to 5 inches of rainfall per month. The greatest amount falling during the spring, summer, and autumn. During winter conditions can be icy and snow can accumulate up to several inches.

Did You Know?

The anvil was just one historic tool made from iron.

Iron, like that made at Hopewell Furnace, was the principal metal for use in most applications during the 18th and most of the 19th centuries. Only after the development of large scale production of steel through the Bessemer process did steel overtake iron as the common metal in most products.