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    Hopewell Furnace

    National Historic Site Pennsylvania


A permit is required to conduct certain activities on Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site. For most activities, a permit charge is required for processing the activity request. Additional charges may be incurred if the activity necessitates park staff to perform more than administrative action.

Activities that require a permit to be issued before their practice include (but are not exclusive):

  • First Amendment activities
  • Special events (which include such activities as entertainment, ceremonies, weddings, rendezvous, organized recreational events, etc.)
  • Commercial filming and photography (such as that which: 1) involves the use of a model, set, or prop; 2) requires entry into a closed area; 3) requires access to the park before or after normal working hours.)
  • Scientific research and related collecting

For more information or to request a permit for special activities in Hopewell Furnace NHS please contact the park at 610-582-8773 during regular business hours.


Did You Know?

Side view of an early 19th century Hopewell Furnace stove.

Hopewell Furnace produced products for not only common Americans but also foreign persons of note. In 1822 Hopewell received an order for a stove from Joseph Bonaparte, brother of Napolean Bonaparte, and the former appointed King of Spain.