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  • We are experiencing High Levels of Visitation at the FDR Home

    Upon arrival to the Henry A. Wallace Visitor Center, visitors may purchase tickets for the next available tour, although available tours may be some hours after arrival time. Visitors may choose to reserve in advance at least one day before. More »


Commercial Filming and Photography

Photography and filming are popular visitor activities at the Roosevelt/Vanderbilt Sites. Most types of still photography and personal video filming do not require a permit, such as taking family pictures or videos while visiting the site. Other types of projects, however, do require a permit in order to protect park resources and provide for public safety.

Still Photography

Still photography projects require a permit when there are props, sets or models involved, or when the project takes place outside of regular hours or in locations not usually open to the public.

Commercial Filming

Commercial as well as most non-profit film projects at ROVA require a permit. Adequate monitoring and supervision is necessary to protect park resources, especially indoor collections. Care must also be taken to ensure that regular visitation and park functions are not disrupted. Application and other cost recovery charges, as well as proof of liability insurance, apply to all commercial filming. All permits must be signed and all permit conditions agreed to by both the applicant and the superintendent before a permit is valid and use of the site is authorized. For more information, click here to view the Commercial Filming at NPS Sites Brochure

New Location Fees

Public Law 106-206 (P.L. 106-206), codified at 16 U.S.C. 460l-6d, instructs the Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture to “establish a reasonable fee for commercial filming activities or similar projects on Federal lands...” This law allows the collection of location fees in national parks for the first time. New regulations will allow the National Park Service to collect reasonable fees for the use of federal lands, earning the government a fair return on the use of the site for commercial filming and certain still photography.

An exception to this new policy involves commercial documentary videographers, cinematographers or sound recording crews of up to two people with only minimal equipment and who are working in areas open to the public. Permits, application and other cost recovery charges are still required.

Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historic Site Location Fee Schedule

Motion Pictures/Videos Commercial Still Photography

1-10 person crew $150/day 1-10 person crew $50/day

11-30 person crew $250/day 11-30 person crew $150/day

31-40 person crew $500/day Over 30 person crew $250/day

Over 50 person crew $750/day


The application charge for commercial photography and filming is $50.00. Please contact the special park use coordinator at 845-486-1966 before applying.

NPS Form 10-931 Application for Commercial Photography/Filming Permit Short Form.doc

NPS Form 10-931 Application for Commercial Photography/Filming Permit Short Form.pdf

NPS Form 10-931 Application for Commercial Photography/Filming Permit Long Form.doc

NPS Form 10-931 Application for Commercial Photography/Filming Permit Long Form.pdf

Did You Know?

Top Cottage

FDR designed Top Cottage (Originally called Dutchess Hill Cottage and Hilltop Cottage) in a way that would make it accessible to him in his wheelchair.