• A View of the Horseshoe Bend Battlefield.

    Horseshoe Bend

    National Military Park Alabama

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  • 2014 Compendium

    Changes have been made to the Superintendent's Compendium regarding the prohibition of unmanned aircraft at Horseshoe Bend National Military Park in Section 1.5 of the Compendium. More »

Fire Management

The Horseshoe Bend National Military Park Fire Management Program was initiated in the spring of 2006. 250 acres were successfully burned in the northwest section of the park. Fire use modules from Cumberland Gap NP, Smokey Mountains NP, along with assistance from Kings Mountain and Clemson University were used.

Phase two of the project is scheduled for the spring of 2007. Burning will continue in accordance with the approved fire plan on a 5-year cycle. The park plans to burn in the winter of each year.

Did You Know?

Reconstructed Barricade

The Red Sticks constructed an eight foot tall barricade consisting of four to five large pine logs stacked one on top of another. This barricade stretched 400 yards across the neck of the horseshoe bend in the Tallapoosa River. More...