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Walking Sticks

Captain William T. Rigby owned these walking sticks.

Cane [top]

The plain wooden cane has the initials "WTR" engraved on a diamond-shaped brass label.
Oak, gold. L 93.5 cm
Vicksburg National Military Park , VICK 3603

Cane [center]
This walking stick is made of wood taken from the surrender Oak. It has a cap of gold with brass, inscribed with the following text; "Grant - Pemberton Oak, Vicksburg, Miss, July 3, 1863, Capt. Wm. T. Rigby, Presented by Stephen D. Lee, James Everest, John F. Merry, R. D. Betts, Charles L. Longley, John S. Kountz, December 25, 1904."
Wood, brass. L 90.0, W 12.0 cm
Vicksburg National Military Park
, VICK 3759

Cane [bottom]
c 1886
This silver-headed walking stick was presented to Captain William T. Rigby by the men of Company B, 24th Iowa Infantry at the expiration of their term of service in 1865. The Inscription on the head reads, "To Capt.W. T. Rigby, From Co. B 24 JVI(?), Dec 31 86."
Wood, silver. L 90 cm
Vicksburg National Military Park
, VICK 3778