Agricultural Bulletins

Carver's Agricultural Bulletins
Carver's agricultural bulletins were designed to share the latest improvements in agriculture with the local farming community. The free bulletins covered crop rotation, natural fertilizers, and plant diversification, practices that today are considered innovative. He realized that he had to reach not only farmers, but also housewives and teachers. His easy-to-read writing style connected directly with these three audiences.

Selected Bulletins:

Bulletin Number 26. When, What and How to Can & Preserve Fruits and Vegetables in the Home. Experimental Station, Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute, Tuskegee, Alabama, 1915.

Bulletin Number 31. How to Grow the Peanut and 105 Ways of Preparing it for Human Consumption. Experimental Station, Tuskegee Institute, Alabama, June 1925.

Bulletin Number 36 How to Grow the Tomato and 115 Ways to Prepare it for the Table. Second Edition. Experimental Station, Tuskegee Institute, Alabama, August 1936.

Bulletin Number 38. How the Farmer can Save His Sweet Potatoes. Tuskegee Institute, November 1936.

Bulletin Number 43. Nature's Garden for Victory and Peace. Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee, Alabama, March 1942.

Reprints are available from the bookstore at Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site.

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