Oral History Audio Clips

The Manzanar Oral History Project documents the World War II experiences of Japanese Americans at Manzanar, the other nine relocation centers, and other related stories through the personal accounts of former internees, War Relocation Authority staff, military police, and Owens Valley residents. The project focuses on immigration, settlement, evacuation, camp life, and resettlement from 1900 to the present. The project also documents other historical eras at Manzanar including Owens Valley Paiute life, ranching and the Manzanar orchard community.

Manzanar National Historic Site partners with Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project (www.densho.org) and others to record interviews preserve archives and make them available on the internet for public use.

The story of Manzanar is not one story. It is the collection of 10,000 lives and 10,000 stories. Oral history interviews honor individual experiences and unique perspectives that offer a better understanding of what happened at this site.

  Art & Tom Williams   Mae Kakehashi
Discover the story that floats “The Boat" Learn how the duffel bag Mae carried into Manzanar was made
Explore another of Manzanar’s 10,000 plus stories. Click to find out what the camp experience meant to their father    
  Paul Takagi   Saburo Sasaki

Learn about common diseases at Manzanar

Learn how internees stored their possessions in camp

Learn about the “night” that changed Paul’s life forever