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Boat Model

Made by Bunkichi "Jazzy" Hayashi

Some friendships were forged at Manzanar between Japanese-American internees and the Caucasian War Relocation Authority staff. Perhaps none were stronger then the bond between internal security officer Bunkichi “Jazzy” Hayashi and his boss, Assistant Police Chief A. Loren Williams. As a token of respect for Williams, Hayashi used a knife and file to carve this model. It was a replica of the tuna clipper boat that Hayashi had left behind in Terminal Island when he was forcibly removed to Manzanar. Over 50 years later, Williams' son Art, donated the boat to the National Park Service to preserve the story of their friendship.

Wood, string, metal. L 49.1, W 16.5, H 40.5 cm

Manzanar National Historic Site, MANZ 2239