Portrait of Hastin-Nez
[Navajo Name: Hastiin Nééz, Tall Man, Other names: Dahaana Nééz Slivers, Old Man Slivers]

By Elbridge Ayer Burbank

Maternal Clan: Tódíchíi’nii [Bitter Water Clan]
Paternal Clan: Tábaahá [Water Edge Clan]
First Spouse: Mrs. Slivers
Children: Two-he [see HUTR 1963], Neh-Az-Bah [see HUTR 2019], Asdzaa Su’gí & Ma’ii deeshgiizhinii Nééz Ba’ Asdzaa, Tonto [see HUTR 1913], Apache [see HUTR 1930], and Jim Slivers.
Second Spouse: Unknown
Children: Adele Slivers, Ned Slivers, Wilfred Slivers, and Mary Slivers Foley.

Mr. Slivers was the chief cook for the Hubbell family for many years. Later when he became blind, Hastin-Nez' children led him to work at Hubbell Trading Post. In 1864, Dahaana Nééz had carried his two year old brother to Fort Sumner on the Long Walk.

Oil on canvas L 76.9, W 45.0 cm
Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, HUTR 3416