Portrait of Estzan-Lopa
[Navajo Name: Asdzaa Liba’, Gray Woman, Other names: Marie Curley]

By Elbridge Ayer Burbank

Maternal Clan: Tábaahá [Water Edge Clan]
Paternal Clan: Honágháahnii [One Walks Around Clan]
Father: Ya-otza Beg-ay [see HUTR 2033]
Mother: Tpapa-A [Maria Antonio, see HUTR 1918]
Spouse: Tom Curley
Children: Dempsey Curley, Daniel Curley, Benjamin Curley
Sibling: Ah-Ge-Pah, ‘Alnaabaa’ [Estzan-Lapa, see HUTR 3426], and Mrs. Ben Wilson

This portrait was drawn of Estzan-Lopa [Gray Woman] when she was 7 years old. She worked with her mother as a weaving demonstrator for the Fred Harvey Company. Estanlopa taught Gladys Reishard how to weave a rug. Reishard, an anthropologist, lived with Red Point's family for four summers. She wrote a book about the family, entitled, "Spider Woman Weaving A Navajo Blanket." In Mrs. Curley’s 1970 interview, she stated that Burbank drew a picture of her.

Conte crayon on paper.
L 38.2, W 26.7 cm
Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, HUTR 2012