Portrait of Hosh-Cane-Ah-Sue-It
[Navajo Name: Possibly Hashk'aan Atsidii, Banana Silvermith or Hashk'aan hadzohi, Yucca Fruit Strung Out In A Line Clan or Hashk'aani bitsoi, Hashk'aan Yázhí, The Grandson of the Hashk'aan]

By Elbridge Ayer Burbank

Maternal Clan: Hashk’aa hadzohí
Paternal Clan: Unknown
Spouse: Unknown
Spouse: Asdzaan Tódích’íi’nii
Children: Deezbaa’ Davis and Asdzaan Yázhí [Mrs. David McCabe]

This portrait of Hosh-Cane-Ah-Sue-It was drawn when he was about 60 years old. Hashk'aan Yazhi was originally from Low Mountain, Arizona. He worked at Hubbell Trading Post hauling wood, building fires, and performing odd chores around the trading post. J. L. Hubbell often gave him food to take to his family.

Conte crayon on paper. L 38.0, W 26.7 cm
Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, HUTR 1976