Portrait of Be-Na-Nee
[Navajo Name: Bine'ní, Behind]

By Elbridge Ayer Burbank

Maternal Clan: Tábaahá [Water Edge Clan]
Paternal Clan: Bit'ahnii [Within His Cover Clan]
Spouse: Naadl’ Yaa Níbaa’ [She came raiding to the Warrior Girl].
Children: Hataalii Nééz [John Mego], John Kirk, Oliver Kirk, Alvin Kirk, Kenneth Kirk, and Marie Kirk, Frances Scott, Mary Lee, Mary Walker, Leo Kirk, George Kirk, Ason Nez Chii
Grand Children: Peter Hubbard
Sibling: Tábaahá Lichii, Hastiin Gadi and Hastiin Tsoh.

Be-Na-Nee is approximately 27 years old in this portrait. He came to Ganado from an area near Shiprock. People from that area are often described as coming from “behind the Lukachukai mountain”, thus the possible derivation of his name. He lived in Cow Springs, in the Black Mountain area until he died. He specialized in performing the Hozhojí or Blessing Way ceremony, and taught others to become medicine men. He worked for Mr. Hubbell carrying mail to Keams Canyon. His children are of the Kinlichíi’nii clan.

Conte crayon on paper. L 38.0, W 26.7 cm [without frame], L 44.5, W 33.0 cm [with frame]
Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, HUTR 1924