Portrait of Zan-ey
[Other names: Zonnie Manning]

c 1907
By Elbridge Ayer Burbank

Maternal Clan: Tábaahá [Edge of Water Clan]
Paternal clan: Tódíchíi’nii [Bitter Water Clan]
Father: Hastiin Haas’zíz [Mr. Slivers] worked as a mail carrier for the Hubbell family.
Mother: Rose Slivers was from Tsezhinta
Spouse: Ben Manning
Children: No children

Residence: Haas’zíz [Where the Hill Begins], near Cornfields, AZ.
Born in 1900, she was 7 years old when Burbank drew her portrait. Zan-ey started working after finishing 5th grade from Ganado Mission School as a housekeeper for Lina Rubi and lived with the Hubbell family. She was Friday Kinlicheeney’s first wife and then married George Begay, son of Asdzaa Lichii or Nancy Begay of Cornfields, AZ. Zan-ey later married Ben Manning of Cornfields, AZ.

Conte crayon on paper. L 38.0, W 26.7 cm
Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, HUTR 1870

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