Eliza "Didy" Ridgely

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c. 1841
Attributed to George L. Saunders

This charming small portrait of Eliza "Didy" Ridgely (1828-1894) is likely the work of English miniaturist George L. Saunders. The Memorandum Book of Didy’s father, John Ridgely (1790-1867), records “Pd. G. L. Saunders for portrait…$122.00” in June 1841 and “Pd. G. L. Saunders bill…$606.00” the following February. Saunders also painted miniatures of both of Didy’s parents and her maternal great grandmother Eliza Eichelberger. When Didy was 13 years old, she kept a journal which illuminates a great deal about daily life at Hampton.

Watercolor on ivory. H 10.8, W 8.25 cm
Hampton National Historic Site, HAMP 4825