John Ridgely, Jr. and Charles Ridgely

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c 1861
Israel & Co.

John Ridgely, Jr. (1851-1938), eldest child of Hampton’s fourth master Charles Ridgely and his wife Margaretta Howard Ridgely, become the fifth master of the estate. This studio portrait shows him dressed in soldier suit, complete with epaulettes, sword, and knee-length boots.  It was one 23 carte-de-visites of family and friends in an album given to him by his mother on the occasion of his 11th birthday on December 22, 1862.

Paper, cardboard.  H 9.1, W 6 cm
Hampton National Historic Site, HAMP 18047

Charles Ridgely
c. 1861
Israel & Co.

Charles Ridgely (1853-1873) is dressed as one of Three Musketeers for this studio portrait from a family album dated 1862. There are dozens of carte-de-visites showing the children of Charles and Margaretta Howard Ridgely, their cousins, and friends in fancy dress costumes ranging from soldiers and shepherdesses to peasants and highlanders to kings and princesses.

Paper, cardboard. H 9.1, W 6 cm
Hampton National Historic Site, HAMP 18048