Charles Ridgely

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By William Henry Rinehart

In 1870, Charles Ridgely (1830-1872) went abroad with his family for an extended trip to Europe. Even while away, however, he remained very interested in Hampton and maintained an active correspondence with the estate managers. Unfortunately, while visiting Rome in the spring of 1872, he was stricken with typhoid fever and died. This portrait bust, signed “Wm H. Rinehart, SCULP+ ROMA 1873,” is posthumous, though it is possible that Charles had sat for sketches with the sculptor before his untimely death. William Henry Rinehart (1825-1874), a native of Maryland who is regarded as one of this country’s greatest sculptors, maintained a studio in Rome from 1858 until his death.

Marble. H 58.5, W 33.2, D 23.2 cm
Hampton National Historic Site, HAMP 1161