"Vista Della Gran Festa Del Re Ferdinando IV Nel Regnio Di Napoli A 17 Guignio [sic] 1815"

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c. 1820

“Vista Della Gran Festa…” commemorates the reinstatement to the throne of Naples of the Bourbon ruler King Ferdinand III of Sicily after the fall from power of Napoleon Bonaparte and his family. Typical of the upper level of 19th century tourist art that well-to-do Americans were acquiring abroad, this view may actually have been painted a few years after the events described. It may have been acquired by John Ridgely during his Grand Tour in 1823 or by his wife Eliza Ridgely during one of her numerous trips.  In the account book of her European sojourn in 1833-1834, she recorded purchasing in Naples “6 views of Naples & [Liguare?]” and “2 large views Naples & Paestum.”

Gouache on paper. H 56.8, W 83.8 cm
Hampton National Historic Site, HAMP 1084