Tennis Racket, Lacrosse and Field Hockey Sticks

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Lacrosse Stick

Although now popular throughout the United States, lacrosse is a very old Native American game that was played in only a limited area of the Mid-Atlantic and New England in the early 20th century. Since it was particularly popular in Maryland, it is not surprising that young members of the Ridgely families played.

Wood, gut. L 25.4, W 25.5 cm
Hampton National Historic Site, HAMP 12067

Tennis Racket with Press
New York: Harry Lee & Company

Tennis is an ancient game which was first introduced to the United States after the Civil War. The sport was not taken up by members of the Ridgely family until well into the 20th century.
Wood, catgut, metal, leather. L 69.5 W 23, D 4 cm
Hampton National Historic Site, HAMP 12055

Field Hockey Stick

In the early 20th century, field hockey was a game primarily played by girls in prep schools. This stick was probably owned by young Louise Ridgely, sister of John Ridgely III.
Wood. L 96 cm
Hampton National Historic Site, HAMP 12058