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Federal style, 1800-1815

This settee is part of a large and important suite of Baltimore-made painted furniture originally owned by Governor John Eager Howard of Maryland. Gov. Howard and Gov. Charles Carnan Ridgely were closely associated in public and private life. Two of Gov. Howard’s sons married two of Gov. Ridgely’s daughters. After Gov. Howard died in 1827, Gov. Ridgely attended his estate sale, purchasing the set of “15 Yellow and Gilt cane bottom arm chairs, 2 sofas & 3 window seats to match…” for $51.00. This set had been one of three large suites of painted furniture in use at Belvidere, Gov. Howard’s estate.  It is distinctive in that the floral bouquets on the crest rails, rail seat rails, and strectchers are all different.

Maple, walnut, other woods. H 83.2, W 156.2, D 47 cm
Hampton National Historic Site, HAMP 952