Sauce Tureen and Sauceboat

Photo of Soup Tureen
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Neoclassical style; 1800-1820
Longport (Staffordshire) England; Davenport

Dessert sauces were served from two different types of dishes, the open form similar to the gravy boats of today and the lidded tureen shape. The latter was likely used for warm sauces.

Porcelain. Sauce Tureen: H 12.1, W 11.1, L 19.8, a) H 10.8, W 11.1, L 19.8 cm; b) H 5.1, W 9.5, L 14.8 cm; Sauceboat: H 11.5, W 8.5,  L 22.5 cm
Hampton National Historic Site, HAMP 17546, 10203