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The President had a conservative fashion sense.  It conformed to the generally somber styling of men’s fashion of the 1950s. 

Ike had a large wardrobe.  It included well-tailored flannel suits that he preferred when at work in the White House.  Although the suits varied little, the brown ones attracted the White House staff’s attention. According to the appointment secretary, the President was invariably in a foul mood and best avoided when in brown. 

Ties occasionally added some flair to the President’s work day ensemble.  Their bright colors and extravagant design contrasted with the subdued shades of his suits. Outdoors he always sported a hat, typically a fedora when on the job or traveling. He preferred a ball cap out on the fairway, and a golf cap while fishing in Maine or barbecuing in the back yard. 

Mamie worked at improving her husband’s sense of style throughout their marriage.  She once referred to two of his $150 double breasted suits as “horrid eyesores” and sold them off to the ragman for $10.

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