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Campaign Button
Black and white campaign button for 1948 election. In black writing around the sides of the button reads: "EISENHOWER- 1948 - FOR PRESIDENT". N.Y." Note that DDE did not run for president in 1948 but someone was inclined to produce this button in anticipation that he might.
Metal, plastic, paper. Dia 3.3, D 0.3 cm
Eisenhower National Historic Site
, EISE 15823.

1948 Campaign
When General Eisenhower’s tour of duty as Chief of Staff ended in February of 1948, many urged him to consider a run for the Presidency on the Democratic ticket in the ‘48 election. According to Eisenhower, President Truman offered to run as a vice presidential candidate if he would accept the Democratic presidential nomination. Democrats assumed Ike could win in a runaway against Republican candidate, Governor Thomas Dewey of New York. Eisenhower insisted, “I haven’t a political ambition in the world. I want nothing to do with politics.” Many refused to believe him and continued to draft him for the Democratic nomination fearing Truman a sure loser. Ike was content to spend 1948 writing his World War II memoirs, Crusade in Europe, and launching a second career as President of Columbia University.