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Home from the War
June, 18, 1945.
With his wife Mamie at his side, Ike exits an Army Air Force plane in Washington, DC. He came to report to Congress that the mission to defeat Nazi Germany had been accomplished. With victory achieved over Nazi Germany, Eisenhower was hailed as the hero who had liberated much of the continent of Europe.  He had helped save the free world.  President Truman said that Eisenhower’s leadership was “inspirational.

Eisenhower’s US military decorations for his World War II service included; the Army Distinguished Service Medal with four Oak Leaf Clusters, the Navy Distinguished Service Medal, and the Legion of Merit.  He also received service medals for the various theaters of operations and campaigns he was involved in.  Ike received forty-four foreign military decorations from twenty-seven other Allied countries.

Everyone, in the US and in Allied Europe, admired him and expressed their thanks and gratitude. Praised by the press at home and showered with accolades and gifts from around the globe, the General was one of the most popular personalities of his time. Seven years later that popularity led to his being elected thirty-fourth President of the United States.
National Archives, NARA # 12-0328a