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Souvenir Throw Pillow
Camp Colt, PA
The pillow includes the following inscriptions and designs: Camp Colt. 1918; Gettysburg, Pa.; Service flag with a single blue star flying to the right on a pole with tassels; U S A; brown eagle with outspread wings and red, white, and blue shield on its breast; pair of crossed U.S flags on poles; Co. C. 337 Bn., Tank Corps over World War I tank; From Harold / To Mother."

Eisenhower insured that soldiers at Camp Colt had recreational outlets and off duty activities to break the tedium of army life. The camp had an active athletic program that included baseball, boxing, tennis, and swimming. The YMCA had a program which served refreshments to the troops and provided wholesome entertainment. There was a social life in the community as well, and some of the camps’ “doughboys” dated the area’s local women.

Many Tank Corps trainees evidently enjoyed their stay at Camp Colt. Souvenirs available of their time spent at the camp included handkerchiefs with a Camp Colt Army Tank Corps design and this commemorative pillow.

Cloth. L 49.7, W 47.2, D 3.5 cm
Eisenhower National Historic Site, EISE 15744.