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Identification Tags
Pair of US Army identification tags or "dog tags" from World War I. The disks are stamped with "Earle B Taylor, USA" on one side and "4190965" (his service number) on the other side. Private Earle B. Taylor was one of the thousands of soldiers who trained at Camp Colt. He served in the Tank Corps at Camp Colt , and later in France.

In 1918, during The Great War (World War I), Captain Dwight D. Eisenhower was assigned the command of Camp Colt, a US Army Tank Corps training center at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He later wrote that it was at Camp Colt that… “I really began to learn about responsibility.”

Aluminum, string. Single disk: Dia 3.1, T 0.2 cm; string as tied: L 19.0 cm (approx)
Eisenhower National Historic Site, EISE 15722.