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Medic Sergeant Harry Adams with Generals Eisenhower and Patton
Near the end of World War II, an army medic in Patton’s Third Army had a friend in his company take this rare photograph of him standing together with General Eisenhower and General Patton.  Sergeant Harry Adams of Lititz, Pennsylvania, just happened to see the generals nearby and boldly walked up and asked if they would have their picture taken with him. A very daring thing for an enlisted man to do.  Fortunately he caught them in a good mood and they obliged.  After the war he sent a copy to their headquarters staff and was lucky enough to get both famous men to autograph the photo for him.

Adolph Hitler died in his bunker on April 30, 1945.  Berlin fell to the Russians.  The end of the war in Europe came on May 7.  All German forces were surrendered at SHAEF headquarters in Reims, France.  By the terms agreed to, a complete cease fire took effect fifty-nine minutes before midnight on May 8.

Ike sent a short message to Army Chief of Staff George C. Marshall which read, “The mission of this Allied force was fulfilled at 0241 local time, May 7, 1945.”  In mid July, Eisenhower relinquished his command of the combined Allied forces in the European Theater.

Eisenhower National Historic Site Collection (Credit to Harry Adams)