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Military Patch
c 1941-1945
US Army 28th Infantry Division Shoulder Patch, PA National Guard

This division landed in France on 22 July 1944.  During the war it was commanded at different times by Maj. Gen. Lloyd D. Brown, Brig. Gen. Jas E. Wharton and Maj. Gen. Norman D. Cota. The 28th U.S. Infantry Division’s losses in the Battle of the Huertgen Forest during the autumn of 1944 underscored the fact that the war in Europe was yet to be won. In this battle, the 28th Division, a National Guard unit from Pennsylvania, suffered 6,184 combat casualties, 738 cases of trench foot, and 620 cases of battle fatigue or shell shock. Nearly all American divisions that were heavily involved in the 90 day battle lost about 80% of their strength. The Huertgen Forest is remembered as one of the most nightmarish killing grounds of the war.

The 28th Division’s cloth shoulder patch was a red keystone, signifying the Keystone State of Pennsylvania. Some said the insignia stood for a bucket of blood.

Cloth. L 6.2 cm. W 6.0 cm
Eisenhower National Historic Site, EISE 10681